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Supreme Court Order Shahabuddin will go to Tihar Jail

Posted on: 15 Feb, 2017 Tags   Shahabuddin Tihar jail Supreme Court

BiharonWeb: 15 Feb, 2017, style="text-align: justify;">The country's highest court again blow to leader of Bihar Shahabuddin. The Supreme Court ordered the state government within a week Shahabuddin from Siwan jail to be shifted to Tihar Jail.

The Supreme Court while hearing Shahabuddin of Bihar government decree ruled that all cases against Shahabuddin, former MP from the video conferencing system to ensure it. Shahabuddin will run all of the cases in Bihar.

The Supreme Court said the court has a responsibility to provide a fair trial. The Court made it clear in his decree from Bihar and brought to Delhi at a special facility should not be granted to Shahabuddin.

The Supreme Court ordered to The Patna High Court that Shahabuddin related to pending cases settled within the next four months.
Moreover, the Supreme Court, the Government of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav's son Tej Pratap Yadav to file a lawsuit against the Minister of ordering the hearing is scheduled for April 21.

The journalist's wife rajdev Ranjan Ranjan and his three sons who have lost hope Chandababu filed a petition in the Supreme Court had Shahabuddin sought to shift out of Bihar. Ongoing cases in Bihar against him so that he could not influence.

Court petitions in the hope Chandababu Ranjan and had a hearing on Wednesday, the court sent to Tihar Jail Shahabuddin from Siwan jail to hear the decree.

Let's show on September 7 last year went to Shahabuddin bail. He came out of prison on September 9. But because he was canceling the bail on September 30 had to go back to jail.

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