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Patna-Buxar Four Lane Road Link to Lucknow-Ghazipur Expressway

Posted on: 09 Sep, 2017 Tags   NHAI Expressway

BiharonWeb: 09 Sep, 2017, Capital of Bihar and UP will be linked to a new road. Lucknow via Patna will become a new road to Ghazipur. This will reduce the distance of both cities. The road between Patna to Buxar will now take the government to Ghazipur. This road will make NHAI.

This road in Ghazipur will connect Lucknow-Ghazipur Expressway. Also become Baria from the old bus station in Patna new bus will be an elevated road between stops. Road Construction Minister Nand Kishore Yadav on Friday announced. He said that the agreement on Patna-Lucknow Road has been agreed. The survey will be done soon and the alliance will be decided.

Being a government in the center and the state, double engine has been developed in the development of the state. So far there were just announcements about the roads. Now people are told when they start construction. The Minister said that the road between Lucknow and Delhi has already remained four and six lane. So, extending the Patna-Buxar road to Ghazipur will make it easier for the road from Bihar to Delhi via the road.

A new bridge will be formed in parallel to the old bridge on the Ganges in Buxar. The construction of this two-lane bridge will begin next month. Construction of new bridge in Koilvar will start this month. This bridge will be ready in December 2019. The new bridge that has been built on the Ganga in Mokamah has also been tender. This bridge will be of six lanes. Apart from this, the road work of Munger Rail Co-Road Bridge will also be started soon. Construction agency has also been selected for this. The minister said that Biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama road too has been proposed from long ago. Construction of this road, which is about 400 crore, will be started next month. Apart from this, repairing of Rajauli-Bakhtiyarpur and Ara-Mohniya Road will be done right now. The process of construction will take some time.

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