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Grand Alliance in Bihar is in Trouble

Posted on: 26 Jun, 2017 Tags   Grand Alliance JDU RJD Nitish Kumar Lalu Yadav

BiharonWeb: 26 Jun, 2017, Due to the targeting of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar directly from RJD, the two-and-a-half year old government of the state is in deep crisis. Deputy Chief Minister M. Tejaswi Yadav had made an aggressive turnaround on the Chief Minister's statement two days ago.

Due to this, instead of becoming a spoiled thing, it got worse after Sunday, when Rashid and RJD state president Ramchandra Purve issued new statements targeting the Chief Minister. Seeing the situation, JD (U) state president Vashishtha Narayan Singh had to say that the people of RJD have probably made a mind for something.

JDU spokesperson Sanjay Singh warned that if Nitish Kumar is not abducted, RJD can understand that JDU's people are not wearing bangles. However, it did not have any effect. In the afternoon, Tejaswi Yadav said without mentioning anybody's name in his "heart talk" that the opposition has been disintegrated because of ego and confusion. His point was towards Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Situated in the silence of Lalu, the situation is worsening due to the silence of RJD President Lalu Prasad on the attack by Tashishya Yadav on Nitish Kumar. In the Iftar party held on June 23, Lalu did not even talk to Nitish. After this Nitish Kumar is also silent on the aggressive attack of Tejaswi. It is believed that the RJD president has the consent of what is happening.

Look at the situation of the BJP. The dispute of the alliance has started directly with the support of NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind with the support of JDU. In such a situation, the BJP has become a 'soft corner' for Nitish. The anti-Nitish voices of the party have become completely peaceful.

In a feud with Lalu Prasad, the party is openly supporting Nitish. On the contrary, the component of the Grand Alliance is trying to remain neutral in the battle of two veterans. There has been no response from the Congress in the long-running dispute.

Tejaswi said, do not regret the statement. Deputy Chief Minister, Tejaswi Yadav again made sharp statements against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Stunning said that he did not regret even the first statement he had given earlier.

Without being named by Nitish Kumar for his 'heart-talk', Tejaswi said without opportunism and manipulative politics, only a few goals would be achieved.

Tejaswi said that history will be a witness to the fact that when there was a need to strengthen around the section of social justice then we became ostrich. If we are not active at this time then we will not forgive the time to come.

At the heart of Jaya's heart, the coalition government has stepped forward to the extent of the politics of the president on the issue of presidential elections. Jaitu's heart has hit the heart of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the attack. On 23rd June, stunningly stammering Nitish Kumar, he said that we do not compromise on the ideology of defeat.

JD (U) President Vashishtha Narayan Singh says that such comments from people involved in the government cannot be expected. JD (U) state spokesman Sanjay Singh directly said that RJD supremo Lalu Prasad should stop abusing Nitish Kumar from his leaders. We did not wear bangles.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad has given strict instructions to his leaders while taking the initiative to break the political pulls in the Lalu grand alliance. RJD Chief Spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav, while issuing the message of the party chief, has clarified that only the authorized spokesperson of the party can release the statement.

Shakti said that some legislators have started giving their personal opinion, which is being considered as the official statement of RJD. This is going to the wrong message.

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