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ED Attached 3 acre Land of Lalu Family, Mall was being Built on it in Patna

Posted on: 08 Dec, 2017 Tags   IRCTC Lalu Yadav

BiharonWeb: 08 Dec, 2017, In the matter of the IRCTC hotel scam, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) took big action against the Lalu family and attached their three acres of land in Patna. About 45 crores of rupees were made famous goods on this land of Patna.

This land is named on the family of Lalu, including Rabri and Tejaswi. It is alleged that this land was given to Lalu family instead of giving a hotel on lease. The owner of this land was the only company to lease the hotel on lease. Later this land came in the name of Sarla Gupta and then to the Lalu family.

Earlier, in the case of the scam, CBI raided the locations of Lalu and his relatives. CBI conducted raids on more than 12 locations including many others.

What is the whole case

Lalu has alleged that during his tenure as Railway Minister, he had given contract to the private companies for the development and repair of other railway hotels including Ranchi and Puri. In fact, the Chanakya BNR Hotel in Ranchi and Puri was the Heritage Hotel of the Railway. Lalu Yadav, while being the Railway Minister, sold these hotels on lease. These two hotels were of British times, hence its historical significance. But now it is not because these hotels have been completely renovated. The matter of unauthorized property of Rs 1,000 crore against Lalu Prasad and his family is related to Ranchi and Puri.

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