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Bihar Government will Give 25000 Subsistence Allowence to Divorced Muslim Women

Posted on: 14 Dec, 2017 Tags   Divorce Triple Talaq Bihar

BiharonWeb: 14 Dec, 2017, In Bihar, divorced minority women will now be given an allowance of Rs 25 thousand per month. Earlier this amount was 10 thousand rupees. Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi gave information about this during the meeting of the BJP Working Committee on the minority front. He said that the grant of alimony to divorced women was started in 2005, when the NDA government was formed in Bihar.

Addressing the meeting of the State Working Committee of BJP Minority Front, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that on the last August 22, three divorces were declared illegal by the Supreme Court after three divorces by the Indian government in the coming session of Parliament. Supporting the political parties of the country and the progressive people of Muslim society, the upcoming bill for the nurturing of divorced muslim women. 31 years ago, in 1986, the Supreme Court had given the decision of alimony in the case of Shahbano, but the then Rajiv Gandhi government had disallowed Muslim divorced women by amending the law.

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The Central and State Governments do not discriminate in any of the internal matters, customs, etc. on the basis of interference and religion, but discrimination against women, children, three divorces, dowry practice, child marriage, untouchability, social Initiatives to stop evils will definitely be initiated. Some people oppose the action of social reform, some people had opposed the abolition of Sati. There is no relation with the religion of three divorces, but it is unjust to women.

In Bihar, when the NDA government was formed in 2005, it was decided to pay 10,000 rupees per month to the Muslim divorced women for feeding nutrition, which has now been decided by the government to increase it to Rs 25 thousand.

Like the government schools under the Chief Minister Minority Students' Incentive Scheme, scholars will also be given scholarship to those passing good marks in the 10th and 12th examination from the madarsas. The state government will provide assistance for the rooms, drinking water, toilets, library, computer etc. in the recognized madarsas. By surveying Waqf's land, the government will free the encroachment and there will be construction of Waqf Committee office, public library and multi-purpose building etc. 

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