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The excavation in 1998 by the ASI unearthed this massive stupa that is claimed to be the world’s tallest excavated stupa at 104’ height having the circumference width of 1400’. Presumed to be built between 200 – 750 CE, the six terraced enormous stupa is a magnificent example of Buddhist architecture. The grandeur of the images of the Buddha and other decorated artefacts found here are fascinating attractions that make it an indispensable tourist point.

View & Feel - The enormity along with the aesthetics strike the visitor as soon as the ancient stupa comes into the sight. The legend says, this is the place where the Buddha spent time while on his last journey to Mahaparinivarna. He is said to have made historical revelations of wisdom here. The story is narrated in the Jataka tales. Experts believe this stupa was built by the Licchavis, the rulers of this entire region from Vaishali

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